Predator Power Pants

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World renowned as the strongest, most powerful powerlifting briefs of all
  • Perfect for medium to wide stance competition squats, but unbeatable for narrow squats and lower body workouts as well. Allows you to sit back and keep your feet and hips more in line with the bar
  • Provides awesome support for increased deadlift power
  • Can be worn by itself or under your squat suit. (Users of the Predator brief report phenomenal personal-bests when using the Predator brief alone. When combining the Predator with a squat suit, the squats are even bigger)
  • Made from the super strong PGX material; the same material used in RageX bench shirts
  • Provides the most power available, and without useless bulk
  • Great for power-building and bodybuilding. Makes the squat more comfortable and safer with heavier weights resulting in increased size gains
  • Comes Double Layer with Power Glute bands on the back
    To choose your size, subtract 3 from your hip measurement. Measure Hips at the largest point around buttocks. Example: Hips 45 - 3 = size 42
    ***Note Predator Power Pants may take 2-3 weeks to ship during high volume times 
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