About us

Welcome to American Power Gear, your new home for Inzer Advance Designs gear.

APG was formed a little over five years ago to act both as a management company to help guide and educate other online retailers on Inzer products and to operate the Inzer booths at the biggest expos and powerlifting meets around the world.

If you've stopped by an Inzer booth, then you already know us, the quality of the products, and the level of service and knowledge we pride ourselves on. But we recognized that not everyone out there is lucky enough to have the opportunity to make it to an Arnold, Olympia, or IPF Worlds, etc., and so we set about bringing that type of one-on-one experience online.

And so APG was born - a one-stop shop for everything you love about the Inzer brand, with the personal care, responsiveness, and instruction that has previously been unique to our booth atmosphere.

If you already use Inzer, then we don't need to sell you on the quality, but we can help you with everything else. If you're new to it, then it's time to find out what your buddies at the gym have been telling you about, and there's no better place to get that introduction to the gear that will support you the rest of your lifting life.

Happy lifting,

American Power Gear