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INZER True Black Wrist Wraps

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True Black Wrist Wraps add power and look great! Solid, heavy wrist wraps with tight weave and powerful rubber.

• IAD mills the material in huge quantities, providing you with an unbeatable price point. Sold by others for over double this price.
• True Black Wrist Wraps provide a cast-like feel on the wrists.
• The yarns are densely woven around the maximum number of rubber strands that can fit into the width of competition legal wraps.

– Velcro straps are wide for grip strength, and long for maximum adjustment
– Wide elastic thumb loops fastened for long-lasting security
– Subject to Inzer Advance Designs’ rigorous quality control
– Available in 12″, 24”, and 36” lengths
– Sold by the pair, Made in USA