INZER Super Duper Phenom (SDP) Bench Shirt

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The SDP (Super Duper Phenom) 2-Ply is the absolute pinnacle of bench press shirt science and artistry. The first 1,000 lb bench press was achieved in the SDP as well as every 1,000 bench since then.

For standard sizing, add 4 to your widest shoulder circumference measurement. 

If you don’t see your size or would like to order a customized shirt, please contact us directly.

Please Note: Shirts on BACKORDER will take 2 – 3 weeks to be re-stocked.

The beauty of the SDP is its adaptability to every bench pressing style and every body shape and size. With incredible rebound the SDP keeps the bar moving from chest to complete lockout. Remember that this is a different animal than any other kind of bench press shirt. After recalibrating your feel for how a bench shirt performs your bench is guaranteed to skyrocket.

– Super thick and wide neck for ultimate power
– Complete Open Back with Velcro enclosures for ease of fitting
– Guaranteed ultimate in bench press shirt
– Warning, only for the experienced bench press shirt user or if you have a guide.