INZER Power Singlet

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The supreme, deluxe-compression powerlifting singlet. True excellence for Raw competition, and more. Whenever you need the best of the best, this is the choice!

  • Full Body Compression helps integrate muscle movement and eliminate fatigue
  • A must when you’re serious about your Raw performance
  • Great for wearing over a low-scoop-neck Bench Shirt
  • Inzer Power Singlet™ is approved for competitive powerlifting worldwide
  • IPF approved for all competitions
  • Special fabric design provides moisture wicking
  • Beautiful fit, elegant comfort
  • Stay tight in the pinnacle of Compression Singlets
  • SIZING: Small (114-145 lbs), Medium (145-165 lbs), Large (165-195 lbs), XL (195-230 lbs), XXL (230-270 lbs), 3XL (270-305 lbs), 4XL (305-340)

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