Inzer Knee Sleeves XT

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The Knee Sleeves XT ® give the support and safety of Inzer Knee Wraps without all the time it takes to wrap and rewrap. The innovative adjustable compression levels give an “explosion” out of your squat, snatch, yoke, or leg press that is completely customizable and is simple and quick to change between sets.

The Knee Sleeve XT® is a steroid for your workout; it’s comfortable and provides much more support, safety, and breathability than your typical neoprene knee sleeve. If there is one product you should own to get stronger and prolong your lifting lifestyle, this is the one – something NFL players and World Strongman® competitors learned long ago.

– More comfort and easier adjustment than wraps
– Ideal for rehab and injury prevention in heavy lifts
– Easy on & off design
– Better blood flow than wraps or neoprene
– Subject to Inzer Advance Designs’ rigorous quality control
– Sold by the pair, Made in USA

Measure around your lower thigh. The lower thigh should be measured 3″ up from the middle of your knee joint. Make sure your thigh is relaxed (NOT FLEXED) when you measure.

13″ – 14″ – Small
14″ – 16″ – Medium
16″ – 19″ – Large
19″ – 21″ – XL
21″ – 23″ – 2XL
23″ – 25″ – 3XL


Inzer Knee Sleeves XT
Inzer Knee Sleeves XT

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