INZER Iron Wrist Wraps Z

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Simply put, the Iron Wrist Wraps Z have been the standard-bearer for wrist wraps for over a decade. Originally designed for professional Powerlifters and their demands for more wrist support than the common wrap could offer, they quickly became the choice of champions the world over. Now serious athletes in everything from Bodybuilding to CrossFit have discovered these wraps and the qualities that make them unique: strength, durability, and comfort.

- Custom material creates maximum wrist support with flexibility
– Velcro straps are wide for grip strength, and long for maximum adjustment
– Wide elastic thumb loops fastened for long-lasting security
– Subject to Inzer Advance Designs’ rigorous quality control
– Available in 12”, 20”, and 36” lengths
– Sold by the pair (wraps are identical - no left or right), Made in USA

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