INZER Gripper Knee Wrap

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The Gripper Knee Wrap is a new and innovative wrap which uses patented technology and material to grab and hold the surface of each revolution around the knee preventing any sliding and loss of compression.

The Gripper technology helps create that elusive “cast-like” effect around the knee with maximum rebound throughout the entire range of motion, and yet maintains a high level of comfort alongside the full throttle support. Whether your workout calls for max tightness, a snug fit, or a loose wrap, the versatility of the Gripper Wrap makes it ideal for each. There is no other knee wrap like this available on the market, so believe us when we say, “Once you go Gripper, you’ll never go back!”

- Maximum rebound and spring throughout entire motion
- Grips to itself, no need for chalk to secure wrap
- Easier wrapping as each revolution locks in place
- Subject to Inzer Advance Designs’ rigorous quality control
- Available in 2.0m, 2.5m, and 3.0m lengths
- Sold by the pair, Made in USA


INZER Gripper Knee Wrap
INZER Gripper Knee Wrap
INZER Gripper Knee Wrap

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