Inzer Fusion Deadlift Suit

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The Fusion Deadlift Suit

Full Power integration of deadlift suit with the body. The Fusion DL is perfect for ripping the bar off the floor when you must dig deep for the final deadlift. 

  • The most advanced deadlift design combined with the strongest, most rigid poly materials
  • Made from the super strong PGX material
  • Double Power Glute Bands in the best position, combined with a special pattern cut that delivers superior vertical support. Vertical support is the most needed support for competitive deadlifting.
  • Works perfect for both Conventional Stance and Sumo Stance.

To choose your size subtract 8 from your hip measurement (see below diagram). Measure hips at the largest point around the buttocks.

Example: Hips 44 - 8 = Size 36