Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps

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These are the absolute Best Wrist Wraps on the market.

Tough to get a hold of as they are a brand new patented Inzer Advance Designs product.

Rock solid wrist support gives you control for your best lifts ever! Multi-patented gripper technology delivers peak performance every time.

  • IPF Approved
  • Designed in the USA and good for Crossfit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Bodybuilding. 
  • Tight and firm, with Quad-Track™ interwoven condensed-rubber cords, delivers integrated support for your wrists.
  • Locks into place and grips the surface of each revolution around your wrists. This exclusive action performs as one solid unit.
  • Easier + Faster Wrapping saves energy. Inzer Atomic Wraps are easy and fast to wrap hard and tight.
  • More POWER and CONTROL for your best lifting experience ever! Reduces jittery joints, a major cause of missed lifts.
  • Important notice to powerlifters competing in IPF:  Atomic Wraps are the crème de la crème of wraps. Worldwide powerlifting approved
  • Your perfect competition wrap when you must lift the most! Inzer Atomic Wraps pack the most performance technology ever seen in a power wrap.
  • MULTI-PATENTED: 9,011,305; 9,415,256; 9,731,160; 9,895,594; D819,218; D848,558



Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps
Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps
Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps
Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps

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