Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps

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These are the absolute Best Wrist Wraps on the market.

Tough to get a hold of as they are a brand new patented Inzer Advance Designs product.

Rock solid wrist support gives you control for your best lifts ever! Multi-patented gripper technology delivers peak performance every time.

  • IPF Approved
  • Designed in the USA and good for Crossfit, Powerlifting, Weightlifting, and Bodybuilding. 
  • Tight and firm, with Quad-Track™ interwoven condensed-rubber cords, delivers integrated support for your wrists.
  • Locks into place and grips the surface of each revolution around your wrists. This exclusive action performs as one solid unit.
  • Easier + Faster Wrapping saves energy. Inzer Atomic Wraps are easy and fast to wrap hard and tight.
  • More POWER and CONTROL for your best lifting experience ever! Reduces jittery joints, a major cause of missed lifts.
  • Important notice to powerlifters competing in IPF:  Atomic Wraps are the crème de la crème of wraps. Worldwide powerlifting approved
  • Your perfect competition wrap when you must lift the most! Inzer Atomic Wraps pack the most performance technology ever seen in a power wrap.
  • MULTI-PATENTED: 9,011,305; 9,415,256; 9,731,160; 9,895,594; D819,218; D848,558
  • Newly designed thumb loop stretches across entire width of the wrap to allow for wrapping in either direction on either hand



Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps
Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps
Inzer Atomic Wrist Wraps

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